June Updates

Three months after the declaration of a State of Emergency in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Council business has resumed with a regular schedule of meetings.

As Niagara-on-the-Lake and communities around the world attempt to reach a new normal with COVID-19 as a factor in our lives, the updates below are provided to encourage reconnection and engagement on municipal issues and items of business.

I wish you all good health and resilience in these very unusual times.

Council Highlights Since March

For complete agendas, minutes and reports since March please visit the link below

March 9 Committee of the Whole (Planning)

  • CS-20-004, Water and Wastewater Rates Study

  • Public Meeting for Rezoning at 61 & 85 Melville Street in the Dock Area

  • Public Meeting for a Community Planning Permit System

March 12 Council Information Package

March 19 Council Information Package

  • Item 2, 2019 Year-End Building Department Statistics

March 30 Special Council Meeting

  • Procedural By-law revision permitting Council to participate in electronic meetings

  • CS-20-006, Financial Relief recommendations related to COVID-19 impacts

  • OPS-20-011, Renaming Glendale Avenue

April 2 Council Information Package

  • Item 3, Niagara Nursery School expansion project update

April 14 Special Council Meeting

  • OPS-20-14 and OPS-20-15, proposed streetscape enhancements in Glendale and Virgil

April 16 Council Information Package

  • Item 2, Irvine Road Drain Petition

April 23 Council Information Package

  • Item 2, Capital and Public Works projects on hold

April 27 Special Council Meeting

  • CS-20-003A and By-law 5208-20 enacting a new Hiring Policy

  • CS-20-007 and By-law 5228-20 authorizing the Lord Mayor to sign for temporary borrowing under a new credit line

April 30 Council Information Package

  • Item 10, Niagara Region report CSD-8-2020 Optional Tax on Vacant Residential Units

  • Item 18, Queenston Mile Vineyard letter

May 11 Committee of the Whole (Combined)

  • OPS-20-017, Pickleball Community Courts

May 20 CAO Selection Committee

  • Approval of a job description and position profile for the CAO role

  • Revised timeline for recruitment and selection in 2020

May 21 Council Information Package

  • Item 19, Heritage Tax Relief Program

May 25 Council Meeting

  • CS-20-009, Tax Rates and Waste Water, Waste Collection

  • OPS-20-018, Irvine Road Drain

June 8 Committee of the Whole (Planning)

Approval of exemptions to the Interim Control By-law for Old Town at:

  • CDS-20-12, 425 Dorchester

  • CDS-20-13, Niagara Stone Road and Niven Road (Village Centre)

  • CDS-20-14, 455 William Street

  • CDS-20-15, 6 Circle Street

  • CDS-20-16, 513 Gate Street

  • CDS-20-17, 551 Butler Street

June 15 Committee of the Whole (General)

Council received its first public delegations since March, with presentations from representatives of Queen Street Merchants and Canopy Growth.

  • CDS-20-018, Cannabis Regulation By-law

Upcoming at Council on June 22

At 5pm on June 22 Council will participate in a workshop with Deloitte, who has conducted a Service Delivery Review and will deliver findings with an opportunity for discussion.

At 6pm Council will ratify decisions made at the Committee of the Whole meetings on June 8 and 15. Additional items may be added to the agenda in coming days. Please check the link below for the latest information and reports:

Watch Council via live stream and catch up on previous meetings here:

Committees and Public Meetings Resume

The Municipal Heritage Committee meets electronically for the first time since February on June 23. As with Council meetings and the Committee of Adjustment, this meeting will be conducted via Microsoft Teams.

The Open House originally planned for March 26 regarding a new draft Noise By-law for Niagara-on-the-Lake was postponed pending further notice.

Watch the Town's Public Notices Under the Planning Act page frequently for new dates as public meetings and open houses are resuming electronically, and outstanding dates will be gradually rescheduled in coming months.

Here For You

While Council and Committee meetings continue electronically, I remain available for discussions and and am happy to connect directly via phone, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Feel free to share any questions, concerns or suggestions about issues around our community and within the Town. As I continue to work for the City of Burlington full time, weekdays after 5pm and weekends are the best time to reach me.

Contact information is available here:

COVID-19 Information

Verbal updates on the Town's response to COVID-19 and its impact on the organization were delivered by the Lord Mayor and Acting CAO to members of Council on March 30, April 6, April 20, April 27, May 11, May 25, June 8 and June 15.

Please visit for regular updates from the Town. For more general information about Novel Coronavirus and Niagara Region Public Health’s recommended preventative measures, go to

Niagara-on-the-Lake is continuing to provide Core Services. Complaints or requests can be made online at or by calling 905-468-3266 between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.



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